Important Race related Questions 

Are there any refunds?

There are no refunds. However, you have the option of rolling over your entry to the following year's race.

Can I hike the course?

Sure, as long as you can make the cut-offs.

What will be at the aid stations?

Electrolyte drink, water, ice, fruit, sweet and salty snacks, and friendly volunteers!

Will there be mile markers at every mile?

No. This is not the Rock n Roll Marathon nor the Turkey Trot 10k. This is ultra running and the only mile markers are the aid stations.

Will there be aid stations at every mile?

No. Again, this is not a street race. There are six aid stations but they will be there to support your every request to the best of their ability.

Can we use hiking poles?

Yes, you may. In the past, runners have left their hiking poles in their Lazy W drop bag. BUT REMEMBER, we are not responsible for anything that happens to them.

How should I train for this race?

Attend the training runs which will all be posted on the facebook page. Put lots and lots of hill climbing/running into your training. 

Do you recommend this as a first 50k?

Absolutely not. The distance is deceiving. The Los Pinos trail and elevation gain of 9000+ ft is why we do not recommend this as a first 50k.

But I do really well in street racing and have multiple street races under my belt. I can handle Los PInos as my first ultra, right?

Do you know what a hydration pack is? Do you know what electrolyte tabs are? Can you handle 50 challenging kilometers in potential extreme heat with only six aid stations? If you can honestly answer yes to all three of those questions. You MIGHT be able to handle this.

Do I really need to use Drop Bags?

Runners are strongly encourage to have a drop bag at Lazy W Ranch aid station with an extra source of hydration. Keep in mind, that if the aid station captain believes you do not have sufficient fluids, he has the right to keep you from continuing on the race. Better safe than sorry. Don't say we didn't warn you. A drop bag is also encouraged at Trabuco in case you wish to drop off an extra hydration equipment you had.